Pediatric Dentistry (Pedodontics)

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If you want to protect your children’s milk and permanent teeth in a healthy way, eliminate problems caused by caries, trauma, hereditary and similar factors, and prevent jaw and dental problems, meet our Dent Ataköy pediatric dentist team today.

Give your children a beautiful smile with pediatric dentistry treatments, where the right tooth brushing habits are also gained under the supervision of a specialist pedodontist…

One in three people in Turkey does not brush their teeth once a day! In order to gain the habit of brushing teeth at an early age, it is absolutely necessary for specialist dentists to guide families!

Bottle Rot

Milk, which is bottled just before and during sleep at night, causes bottle rot in the baby’s teeth!

If you do not want bottle rot to disrupt the structure of your baby’s milk teeth, large loss of substances in the teeth, problems with oral health as well as your child’s speech and aesthetic appearance, do not neglect the treatment!

Protect your child’s oral health and ensure that they look to the future happy with our staff of paedodontists specializing in pediatric dentistry!

Tooth Decay Restoration

Your children’s tooth loss is no longer a problem! Thanks to tooth decay restoration, they can have natural teeth!

Thanks to filling applications and methods such as amputation, your children do not have to experience tooth loss! All you need to do is notice the tooth decay early and contact the Dent Ataköy pediatric dentist. Child dental treatment before it’s too late is more successful!

It is now very easy to get healthy and strong gums with expert pedodontists in the field! The key to a happy smile is the right treatment!

Dental Infections

If tooth abscesses and gingivitis are not treated, it is a serious life-threatening condition in children! Parents beware!

Children’s dental treatment methods that will prevent dental infections in children, eliminate tooth decay and establish oral health are offered to you by our experienced dentists.

Contact our paedodontic specialists now to protect your children’s milk teeth and allow future teeth to grow smoothly.

Dental Traumas

Dental traumas seen in approximately 1/3 of children can be treated without loss in early intervention!

When playing games, permanent damage to the teeth can occur if the dental traumas encountered during the walking and school age are not treated in a timely manner. Thanks to the right treatment and specialist physicians, your children’s dental health is protected, do not be afraid!

Meet our paedodontists now for children’s dentistry practices that prevent your children from experiencing dental problems in the future and allow them to laugh freely!


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