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Ymed will have a healthy mouth structure with 20-year-old teeth extraction, buried dental treatments, jaw cysts and jaw joint applications!

The applications of dental, dental and jaw surgery prevent the intricacies, jaw cysts and tumors, jaw fractures, tissue losses, bone structure disorders, and dysfunctions caused by your 20-year-old teeth in the future. You are given an ideal mouth structure.

Do not postpone your dental and dental problems, be on time for your jaw surgery treatments and enjoy the comfort of smiling with health

Failure to properly treat your dental and dental problems can negatively affect your body and mental health, turning you into unhealthy and unhappy individuals

20 Age Teeth

Smooth and reliable tooth extraction for 20 teeth that cause pain and negatively affect the formation of your teeth!

The last teeth in our mouth, 20-year-old teeth, should be pulled out because they affect the shape and health of other teeth and cause pain and swelling. The earlier the necessary oral dental jaw surgery operations are performed, the sooner your oral health will be protected.

If you want your other teeth to have proper formation, do not disrupt the controls of your 20 teeth, do not neglect to have the necessary treatments.

Tooth Extraction

I’m going to shoot teeth with the latest technological equipment before tooth decay, orthodontics and implant treatments! It’s all for your smiles!

The last thought method of dental treatment, tooth extraction, is usually performed at the insistence of the patient. Your oral dental and jaw surgery physician will make the right decision for your lost teeth and will evaluate all options and make the necessary applications.

Yat you take care of your teeth correctly, have a healthy mouth if you do not disrupt your regular checks and do not have to lose your teeth

Jaw Cysts

With jaw cyst surgeries in reliable hands, you can protect your bone structure and do not encounter dental development problems!

Cysts can be found in any part of the jawbone or at the root of the tooth, and if left un treated, they can weaken the jawbone and make it vulnerable to fractures. You need to make your treatment plan with a specialist jaw surgery physician immediately for the treatment of your jaw cysts.

Be without delay your treatments for your mouth and tooth problems that are annoying and depressing, and live your life happily.

Buried Teeth

Don’t let buried teeth and the complaints they cause be your nightmare. Buried dental treatment with a new generation of methods is very safe!

If buried teeth under the gums or bones are not treated, they cause problems such as pain, swelling, bad taste and smell in the mouth, bleeding. In order not to damage the jaw and other dental structures, they should be withdrawn by a dentist who specializes in jaw surgery.

Get your treatment without delay for a painless and trouble-ins trouble-insed mouth, healthy and firm teeth, a happy and peaceful life.

Jaw Joint Treatment

Expert dentist support for jaw joint problems that affect your speech and chewing functions and create aesthetic anxiety!

Disorders in bone and soft tissues in the jaw joint; pain, ringing problems in the ears, asymmetry on the face and impaired jaw function. In order for your quality of life not to decrease, they should be treated with oral dental jaw surgery methods as soon as possible.

In order to get rid of your jaw pains and fatigue and to maintain your life in a quality and healthy way, you should get your treatments done immediately.

Implant Surgery

Aesthetic concerns and self-esteem problems caused by your missing teeth are lost to history with implant surgery!

After the necessary checks are performed with oral examination and digital imaging methods in implant surgery, implants are surgically placed in the jaw bones where the missing teeth are located. You enjoy your fixed, sturdy and healthy teeth like your mother tooth.

The loss of your teeth does not prevent you from living a pleasant and comfortable life. Get your treatments done, look at life happier.


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