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Turkey is one of the countries preferred by domestic and foreign patients living in European Countries for health tourism. Turkey’s historical structure and cultural fabric also play a major role

In recent years, citizens of foreign countries who have come to our clinic for Dental Health and Treatment include The UNITED Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Canada, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Greece, Austria, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, America and Australia

Health Tourism in Turkey

The top 5 countries in terms of the number of international patients in the world, respectively; The U.S., Germany, Thailand, India and Turkey.

Every hospital in our country is subjected to audits from Health Quality Standards every year by the Ministry of Health, The Department of Productivity, Quality and Accreditation in Health. In addition to private hospitals in Turkey, various efforts have been started to strengthen the health tourism infrastructure in universities and public hospitals

All hospitals serve according to national accreditation criteria and are inspected twice a year. All procedures and coordination related to health tourism are the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, as required by law. The Ministry of Health establishes the Department of Health Tourism and works for the development of health tourism in Turkey, publishes books and organizes summits. The Ministry is building City Hospitals to increase bed capacity

Private, public and university hospitals, especially Istanbul and Ankara, are equipped with the highest technology in the world. Oncological treatments, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, aesthetic surgery, eye and dentistry are provided in many hospitals in Turkey.

Private and public hospitals built in the last 10 years are not capable of searching western countries with technological equipment and physical conditions. In addition, Turkey ranks first in europe in the world in terms of resources in thermal tourism. Well-equipped and well-established thermal hotels in this area have started to be built rapidly

In combination of its natural beauties, historical and cultural regions and high standards of health services in Turkey, hospitals and thermal facilities, it invites you to be injured by health services in our country as a healing gateway for a healthy life

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