Gum Treatments (Peridontology)

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Regain your oral health with advanced technological and effective treatment methods against gum diseases, laugh happier!

The most definitive solution to prevent tooth loss and gum withdrawal in gum inflammations, which are not only visible but also affect bone tissues, is the treatment of gum diseases! You will regain your lost dental functions and dental structure!

If you want your teeth and gums to be free of harmful tissues and healthy, now is the time to meet periodontology treatment!

According to the researches, 1 in 3 people between the ages of 20 and 40 in Turkey has dental sensitivity. This is because we do not do the right dental cleaning and maintenance! In older age, it’s higher!

Gum Inflammations

Get rid of unhealthy gum appearance with improved methods in the treatment of gum inflammations, do not lose your teeth.

Do bad breath, red and swollen gums, taste disorders or wobbly teeth scare you? If the answer is yes, all you have to do is call your periodontologist and start treatment before it’s too late. Remember, a beautiful smile is a powerful image.

It is now very easy to get healthy and strong gums together with dentists who are experts in their field! The key to a happy smile is the right treatment!

Dental Stone Cleaning

Say goodbye to the gums responsible for caries and gum inflammations caused by the failure to clean the teeth regularly!

Thanks to the regular cleaning of the gums that everyone who is concerned about oral and dental health, you can get rid of your complaints of bad breath, bone inflammation, tooth withdrawals and caries, intraocular wounds and aesthetic appearance in a short time.

You will look at the mirrors more happily with the state-of-the-art treatment methods and the dental stone cleaning to be carried out under the control of the periodontologist!

Gum Aesthetics (Pink Aesthetics)

Thanks to the pink aesthetic, you will be able to get rid of the excessive appearance of your gums and smile freely!

Do not let your gums, which seem too much when laughing or talking, affect your social and professional life. Get a practical and privileged solution with comfortable and safe gum aesthetics. Have a healthy tooth structure while eliminating your aesthetic appearance concerns.

Contact your doctor now for gum treatment that will allow you to laugh more freely and restore your oral health!

Gum Extraction

Get rid of the problem of gum withdrawal caused by gum inflammations and gum stones in a short time with effective treatment methods!

Gum withdrawals, which weaken the immune system and make it difficult to fight infection if left untreated, must be treated! You will smile confidently thanks to the treatment of gum diseases that will prevent tooth loss and eliminate sensitivity.

Contact your doctor immediately for treatments that will restore your teeth to their former healthy appearance and eliminate your bleeding and inflammation complaints!


Do you have psychosocial stress and self-esteem problems due to bad breath? Thanks to the right treatment, you can get rid of this problem!

You will no longer hesitate to laugh with bad breath treatment that will help you regain your dental and oral hygiene, allow early diagnosis of tooth decay and diseases, and eliminate problems in your social and professional life!

You will get your health with international gum disease treatments, specialist dentists and tailored approaches. Stop by our clinic right now!


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