Gum Problems Weaken The Immune System

Keeping the immune system strong, especially during the corona virus epidemic that affects the whole world, stands out as everyone’s common desire. In order to increase resistance to diseases by strengthening immunity, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition and sleep patterns as well as food supplements that should be used with doctor’s advice.

Dental and oral health is also of great importance within the scope of ensuring general body immunity.

Gum infections that occur in the teeth and consequently resulting gum diseases can make the body vulnerable to bacteria and viruses by consuming the resources of the immune system. Viruses and bacteria that almost everyone is exposed to and affect our immune systems can be defended by the immune system during periods when the body is strong.

During these periods, the body can destroy the number of viruses and drums that try to exceed our defenses and threaten our health after reducing them to a tolerable level due to different reasons.

During periods when the body’s defenses are vulnerable to the threat of bacteria and viruses, i.e. when immunity is weakened, viruses and bacteria that reproduce in the body in a short period of time prevent the organs from functioning in a healthy way.

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