Dental Prostheses

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Tooth losses are no longer your destiny! Take advantage of modern dental prosthesis applications that will restore the teeth you lost to their former appearance!

You will be reassured and look at the mirrors more happily with your dental prostheses that allow single and multiple tooth restoration, restore your chewing and speech functions, and use them in the same performance for years!

Meet our dentists to benefit from prosthetic dental treatment that eliminates aesthetic concerns and improves the quality of life of patients!

Fast and reliable solutions tailored to the patient thanks to technological methods that will minimize patient fears and application time in prosthetic dental treatments. Advanced technology in dental prosthesis application!

Moving Dental Prosthesis

Meet the moving dental prostheses that eliminate your partial or complete tooth deficiencies and aesthetic concerns and renew your self-confidence!

You can regain your lost oral health thanks to the extremely natural appearance, moving dental prostheses that you can remove, clean and easily use. You can also say goodbye to your caries and other oral health problems with prosthetic dental treatment.

Leave your smile problems behind with the latest technology methods and prosthetic dental treatment under the supervision of a specialist dentist…

Fixed Dental Prosthesis

Restore the functionality of your teeth with fixed dental prosthesis, which is one of the modern prosthesis applications!

Thanks to the fixed prosthesis tooth, which is easily applied in partial and all dental deficiencies and cases with intermittent dental formation, your teeth are designed in accordance with your oral structure and natural tooth format. You are left with a healthy and happy smile!

Start fixed prosthetic dental treatment immediately, which will relieve your aesthetic concerns in a short time with prosthetic dentists who are experts in their field!

Implanted Dental Prosthesis

Forget the teeth you lost with the implant-top dental prosthesis, which is the closest alternative to natural teeth that are easy to care for and use!

Thanks to the implant-on dental prosthesis, which prevents bone tissue from melting, is applied even to patients who have no teeth, and can be used in the same performance for years, you can get the smile you dreamed of and leave all your dental problems behind!

Meet our physicians for implant prosthetic teeth that can be applied at any age and in a short time and start laughing healthy with prosthetic dental treatment!


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