Canal Treatment

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Tooth losses are history now! Thanks to improved root canal treatment technologies, your tooth roots are now stronger!

The nerves and veins in the tooth may lose their vitality for various reasons. Nerves in the canals need to be cleaned, disinfected and filled with fillers. Thanks to the canal treatment methods developed in recent years, it is possible to treat teeth without losing them.

Do not be afraid of canal treatment for a happy and healthy smile, regain the confidence you lost with the right methods!

The success rate is high in well-done endodonti treatments. However, if you do not pay attention to your oral hygiene, caries will form in your teeth and bacteria and infection may appear again at the roots.

Abscess Dental Treatment

Tooth abscesses that are not treated in a timely manner can cause you to lose your healthy smile, do not be late in the treatment of endodonti!

Abscesses spreading to the roots and flesh of the teeth cause tooth loss when not intervened. The problem is solved with drug treatment, applications to the root end and surroundings of the tooth. For healthy teeth, the treatment of tooth decay and oral care are very important.

Unhealthy teeth cause sick gums, sick gums cause a bad breath, and a bad breath leads to a problematic social life. Get what is right for you from dental root canal treatment applications, do not encounter these problems.


Permanent solutions for failed canal treatments with retreatment applications that prevent a recurrence of the problem!

Failure to fully remove infection in the teeth or clean all channels leads to the renewal of the root canal treatment process. This process is called retreatment. With treatments to be performed by the specialist endodonti doctor, your problem does not repeat and you smile with health.

Keep in mind that taking good care of your teeth and mouth, not disrupting your controls, will increase the success of retreatment applications!

In-Channel Post Application

Thanks to in-channel post applications, aesthetic and functional appearance is restored to your teeth!

Intra-canal post therapy is performed with support from the canal treatment to prevent the failure of fillings on teeth with excessive substance loss. With this method, which is highly reliable, your teeth regain their lost function and appearance.


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