Are You Ready to Change Your Smile in 1 Day?

We noticed that many people could not smile comfortably, hiding their smile with their hands. but
Which is the key to self-confidence that starts intimate relationships. As well as in private life,
it is also a gateway to success in business life. We want to get to know people and connect with them.
We believe that building is the greatest wealth in life. Therefore, the effects of life
We do our job with passion, pleasure, love and sincerity for a new smile that will last.

Each person’s smile must be designed in its own way. Facial features, character and
smile design should be done in harmony with the gestures. In the design of one’s smile, this
factors are very important to consider. In the concept of digital smile design, all
digital transfer is made by various methods taking these details into account. Smile design
computer environment. With this concept, the margin of error is minimized.

When our patient comes to the clinic for aesthetic dentistry, first of all, his examination
it is done, photos are taken and aesthetic expectations are determined by mutual conversation. It’s done
the first measurements of the patient are taken by planning the requirements. With improvements in imaging systems
taking measurements from the patient’s mouth with an old-fashioned spoon is gradually shelved and replaced
digital measurements taken with high resolution cameras have started to be used. aesthetic
metal-free porcelain such as E-max –zirconyuM –laminate veneer, which is most commonly performed in dentistry
all restorations are carried out in such machines. Digital measurement systems when taking measurements
to take measurements with measuring spoons and measuring agents separately from our patient.
you won’t have to.

Patient-specific mock-ups are prepared. The patient’s own teeth when mock-uping
teeth intended to be made with special materials without any processing on them
design is made and the patient physician mock-ups to create an aesthetic smile by talking to each other
the final condition of the teeth to be made is determined by making changes to the Our patient
when you like it and approve it, the construction of the teeth begins.

After digital measurement of the teeth made with Cerec in the clinical environment, the computer
is designed in 3D. Special blocks are scraped in as little as 1 day
the prepared teeth offer high durability and the highest level of aesthetics. Cad-CAM technology
one of the pros is that the size of the prepared teeth is photographed with the camera system and
is taken in the environment. This measured 10 microns, or one percent of 1mm.
in this way, the bruises that may occur under the coating are prevented. Digital measurements
designed in computer environment and these prepared designs are ready in the scraping unit
porcelain and zirconium are obtained from blocks. In a very short period of time,
compatible with the edges and aesthetic restorations are obtained. In this system, the whole mouth is three
as in classical applications, such as food accumulation or height
adverse situations are not encountered.

The biggest advantage is that it can be inserted into the patient’s mouth in the same session. recurring
saves time as there is no need for sessions. Especially attractive for busy workers
alternative. Small restorations such as inley, onlay, lamina with oral preparations
can be delivered to the patient on the same day. Bridge restorations or aesthetic foreground
regional restorations in as little as 1 day with our prosthesis specialist doctors
can be done. In more complicated restorations, the number of sessions may increase.

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