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Healthy and Strong WHATSAPP With the oral and dental health
controls of our children, prevent
problems that may be in older age.
APPOINTMENT For your children;
Aesthetic Smile WHATSAPP By eliminating the problems in the
gums with gum aesthetics we
offer a happy life to the patients.
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Pearly Teeth WHATSAPP Teeth whitening applications for
and those who dream of a sparkling smile
who are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth!
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Dental and Jaw Surgery

With oral, dental and jaw surgery applications, the intricates, jaw cysts and tumors that will be caused by your ...

Chıldren's Dentıstry

Healthy protection of your children's milk and permanent teeth, problems caused by caries, trauma, hereditary and similar...

Teeth Whıtenıng

Teeth whitening treatment used to whiten discolored teeth and achieve personalized tint for various reasons...


The implant, which is called the closest alternative to natural teeth, can recover the teeth you lost with dental ...

Canal Treatment

The nerves and veins in the tooth may lose their vitality for various reasons. Cleaning, disinfecting the nerves in the canals...


Preventive purposes from the periods when milk teeth begin to grow in children, and loss of function in adults...
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Our doctors

Fırat Baysal
Med. Dent. MSc.

Merve Baysal
Med. Dent. MSc.

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  • Two young doctors whose approach to a patient who knows the full business of clinical hygiene is extremely excellent, who I firmly believe will continue their success. It’s a clinic that can be recommended blindfolded.

    Durhasan Bozdereli
  • They offer a great service with quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Moreover, it is an exceptional advantage for them to stand by what they do by guaranteeing their work for life. Oh, thank you.

    Eser Olgun

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